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“How to buy Powerlips Fluid at Distributor Price in Canada”

Powerlips Fluid Distributor price in Canada is more than 30% cheaper than the retail price listed. These Italian made POWERLIPS Fluid has been tested to the max. during water-splashing, eating & drinking, cliff-jumping and swimming.

Powerlips Fluid contains natural lip softening and nourishing ingredients. It is applied 1 weightless layer to save your time and product money! These organic formula dries in about 60 seconds.

Here are 10 reasons why you need it:

  1. No alcohol, no smell, no solvent & lead
  2. Single application. No need lip liner/lip gloss
  3. Ultra-pigmented, long-lasting & even color
  4. Contains organic natural ingredients like avocado oil, beeswax and vitamin E
  5. Can layer 2 colors to create custom colors and ombre looks
  6. Has about 3 year shelf life
  7. Can be removed with mild bubbly soap without having to purchase special removal
  8. Does not need to shake before application
  9. Contains Kaolin, a natural clay base to help support the rich colour
  10. About half the price of other chemically infused lip stains

Avoid spending money on fast-fading lip fluid. You can now purchase Powerlips Fluid at Distributor Price send directly from our Canadian warehouse with no minimum order, no middleman fees, no double shipping cost and no extra membership charges! *Wholesale price at check out!

These are Powerlips order going out in our Canadian warehouse.

C0 DF8 AA9 6 D99 4551 94 B1 126 D2 B72 E19 A622 B922 F 8776 4 CE4 AA3 A 36 EEBA471 DF86 D00996 A A89 A 4 ABD 8554 639 EB5 E388 CB

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