Nu Skin AP-24 Whitening Toothpaste Reviews

Regain your confidence and smile with the AP-24 Whitening Toothpaste! AP-24 whitening toothpaste gives you the look of white teeth you’ll be proud to show off. No expensive dental works necessary! A must have for meetings, modeling photo shoot, job interviews and blind dates! You don’t have to spend the money for a million dollar smile! :):):)

If you are a coffee, tea or wine lover, AP24 is a good choice for you. By using mild abrasives to gently scrub away extrinsic stains, AP24 can potentially return your teeth to its original color. The main selling of this toothpaste is the patented AP24 formula which designed to make it more difficult for food particles to stick to the teeth making staining less likely. It’s the only toothpaste that has the patented 24-hour protection formula!

If you are a smoker, AP24 toothpaste could be a good option for you. The combination of the abrasive cleaning action and the preventive properties of the AP24 formula means nicotine stains could be removed and then prevented from re-attaching to the enamel surface.

The main selling point of this toothpaste is the patented AP24 formula that bonds dimethicone and surfactant ingredients together to protect the teeth against the build up of plaque and staining. If you are happy with the color and condition of your teeth and would like to keep them that way, then maybe AP24 toothpaste would be a good investment long-term.

Surveys show that many of the population is concerned about the color of their teeth and would like a whiter smile. But, with professional teeth whitening sessions being so expensive, many people opt for a tooth whitening toothpaste as a cheaper alternative. The AP-24 toothpaste from Nu Skin is a premium designer style toothpaste that has become a popular choice for people wanting whiter teeth.

✔️ No harmful peroxides.
✔️ Brightens and whitens teeth.
✔️ Helps remove stains.
✔️ Helps remove and prevent plaque buildup.
✔️ Helps the prevention of dental cavities.
✔️ Suitable for kids 2+
✔️ Suitable for pregnant/breastfeeding moms
✔️ Works on caps, bridges, dentures, veneers, bonding & crowns
✔️ Safe to use on braces

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