How to buy Powerlips Fluid at Wholesale Price on the Internet

Purchase Powerlips Fluid at Wholesale Price to save your money! I’m loving this new non-smudge lipstick – Powerlips Fluid by Nu Skin! What a way to stand out and what a fantastic shades! Did you know that Powerlips contains great NATURAL ingredients you’ll love? The avocado oil, vitamin E, beeswax and kaolin will leave your lips smooth, soft and gorgeous! There’s no solvent or alcohol, doesn’t dry out the lips and there’s no bleeding. These are a long-lasting lip wear that is a one-step process and lasts all day! Once you’ve got those teeth bright white with our famous AP24 Whitening Toothpaste, you’ll definitely wants this awesome lipstick! Pair the 2 shades together and you will have the ultimate smile! It sold out in minutes during our pre-launch in December!

Powerlips last for ages which saves you money in the long run, you do not need to use a lip liner as they DO NOT bleed. It is cheaper in price, better in quality and last longer on your lips and last longer as the products. You DO NOT need to buy additional remover. For best wear, use alone and avoid glosses, balms and oily food.

If you want to try this natural and beautiful shades of Powerlips fluid, I can help you to save your pennies by getting it at Distributor/Wholesale Price! No minimum order required. No middleman charges. No double shipping fees. More than 30% off retail price at check out!

This is not just any kind of lipstick. This is POWERLIPS!

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How To Become Powerlips Fluid Distributor

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  1. Powerlips Fluid is a BEST SELLING lipwear on Social Media! It’s sold out in 15 minutes during our pre-launch.
  2. Its non-alcohol, no solvent/lead and natural ingredients makes this lip wear a selling point!
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Our difference is demonstrated through our products which offer exclusive benefits improving lives around the world.


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How to buy Powerlips Fluid at Distributor Price in Canada

Powerlips Fluid Distributor price in Canada is more than 30% cheaper than the retail price listed. These Italian made POWERLIPS Fluid has been tested to the max. during water-splashing, eating & drinking, cliff-jumping and swimming.

Powerlips Fluid contains natural lip softening and nourishing ingredients. It is applied 1 weightless layer to save your time and product money! These organic formula dries in about 60 seconds.

Here are 10 reasons why you need it:

  1. No alcohol, no smell, no solvent & lead
  2. Single application. No need lip liner/lip gloss
  3. Ultra-pigmented, long-lasting & even color
  4. Contains organic natural ingredients like avocado oil, beeswax and vitamin E
  5. Can layer 2 colors to create custom colors and ombre looks
  6. Has about 3 year shelf life
  7. Can be removed with mild bubbly soap without having to purchase special removal
  8. Does not need to shake before application
  9. Contains Kaolin, a natural clay base to help support the rich colour
  10. About half the price of other chemically infused lip stains

Avoid spending money on fast-fading lip fluid. You can now purchase Powerlips Fluid at Distributor Price send directly from our Canadian warehouse with no minimum order, no middleman fees, no double shipping cost and no extra membership charges! *Wholesale price at check out!

These are Powerlips order going out in our Canadian warehouse.

C0 DF8 AA9 6 D99 4551 94 B1 126 D2 B72 E19 A622 B922 F 8776 4 CE4 AA3 A 36 EEBA471 DF86 D00996 A A89 A 4 ABD 8554 639 EB5 E388 CB

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Become Powerlips Brand Ambassador at NO monthly fees and NO minimum orders. 43% markup on selling products. Able to earn FREE products monthly. FREE account for life. You must be 18+. No obligation. Simply submit your request below! We would love to have you in our Team!

How to get POWERLIPS FLUID at Distributor Price

How’s your weekend? I have a really exciting news for you, POWERLIPS FLUID SOLD OUT during our pre-launch! Available in 12 colors. During first pre-launch, the original 4 colors sold out in 8 minutes!

The comparison between Powerlips Fluid vs. Senegence Lipsense

POWERLIPS FLUID is a long-wearing liquid lipstick with SO MANY AMAZING benefits!!

  • No need to use a lip liner
  • ¬†1 – step application
  • Ultra-pigmented color
  • Long-lasting, even colour
  • ¬†Smudge-resistant, drink-resistant, and kiss-resistant.
  • ¬†Won‚Äôt feather or bleed into lines around or above lips.
  • ¬†Layers beautifully for highlighting or contouring.
  • ¬†Does not contain a harsh alcohol smell or taste.
  • ¬†Has a light and silky, non-sticky consistency.
  • ¬†Comfortable on lips; does not sting or burn when applied.
  • ¬†Features a set of beautiful matte and metallic colors
  • ¬†Available in colours specially curated for all skin tones and ethnicity.
  • Kaolin‚ÄĒnatural clay base to help support the rich colour
  • Contains Avocado oil, beeswax, vitamin E & no alcohol
  • ¬†Creates a Suede¬†Comfort Cushion, a flexible film layer on the skin, that cushions your lips and leaves them feeling soft for hours.


PLUS! Unlike many other brands, Powerlips Fluid contains skin-nourishing ingredients that can help soothe, smooth, and prevent dry-out or damage over time.¬†I fell in love with the fact that I don’t have to reapply and can wear these for work with no fear of a dry line!!!

Setting up an online account is easy and will give you direct access to these offers at distributor price before anyone else! No middle man! It is the fastest way to get your PowerLips from our warehouse in your area sending directly to your door. It usually takes 2 days depends on your local courier.

Purchase Powerlips Fluid at Distributor Price / Preferred Customer Price. No middle man.
No minimum order.

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