Why AP-24 Whitening Toothpaste

Are you still wondering WHY this Anti-Plaque AP-24 is the best whitening toothpaste? Let me share with you some facts I’ve discovered. 😊

I have always been wondering why the company used AP-24 as the name of the wonder toothpaste. Until I found out that…

Fact #1: AP-24 is not just any random name. It actually stands for Anti-Plaque for 24 hours. 😁

Have you ever wondered why commercials only say 12-hour protection and not 24 hours? This leads me to the second one.

Fact #2: The 24-hour protection formula have been discovered decades ago, but companies cannot use the formula. This is because Nu Skin holds the patent so that nobody else can use it! 😱

AP-24 Highlights:

✔️ No bleaches and harmful peroxides.
✔️ 8 patents
✔️ 24-hours protection
✔️ Brightens and whitens teeth.
✔️ Helps remove stains.
✔️ Helps remove and prevent plaque buildup.
✔️ Helps the prevention of dental cavities.
✔️ Treats bleeding gums
✔️ Treats sensitive teeth
✔️ Safe for kids 2+
✔️ Safe for pregnant/breastfeeding women
✔️ Safe for braces
✔️ Works on caps, bridges, dentures, veneers, bonding & crowns
✔️ Its gentle, vanilla mint formula freshens breath
✔️ Cheaper than dental treatments

So why settle for less?

    AP24 whitening toothpaste before and afterAP24 whitening toothpaste before and afterAP24 whitening toothpaste before and after


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