Powerlips Polish Duo Lip Shine

Powerlips Polish Duo Lip Shine gives your lips a dose of sleek color drenched in a brilliant high shine—all without fading or smudging. It’s formulated with a Tea Rose Complex that contains ingredients that work together to keep your lips smooth and hydrated. Plus, it leaves a featherweight finish so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. High-impact shine.

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  1. Color
    • Silky soft formula applies evenly to lips with sleek color
    • Color sets quickly to a thin, light film
    • Removes easily, without leaving a residue or staining lips
    • Doe-foot applicator makes application smooth and clean
  2. Gloss
    • Keeps lips feeling hydrated
    • Enhances lip color with high shine
    • Smooth, non-tacky texture maximizes comfort
  3. Duo
    • Up to 12-hours, all-day wear
    • Non-feathering and non-transferring
    • Leaves a smooth, lightweight finish on lips
    • Alcohol-free


Tea Rose Complex: a conditioning blend that helps hold vital hydration to skin, keeping lips soft and supple, and contains hybrid tea rose extract.


  1. Apply color to clean, bare lips and wait one minute to dry.
  2. Apply gloss top coat, and re-apply as needed.


  1. Line your lips with the applicator, and then fill your lips for a smooth, mess-free look.
  2. Let color dry completely before applying top gloss.
  3. For longest wear, avoid oily foods.

Can I mix Nu Colour Powerlips Polish with other lip products?
We don’t recommend mixing the formula with other lip colors as they can affect the length of wear.

How is Powerlips Polish different from Powerlips Fluid?
Powerlips Fluid creates a flexible cushion on your lips and has strong pigment with a matte finish. Powerlips Polish also has vibrant pigment but works with an added glossy top coat for a high-shine finish. Whatever your look, Nu Skin has you covered.

Why is Powerlips Polish made as a duo instead of a onecolored lip gloss?
Most colored lip glosses aren’t able to provide vibrant, longlasting color. The duo gives you the advantage of having a long-lasting color formulated for long wear and a speciallyformulated gloss that adds shine. With Powerlips Polish, you get the best of both worlds: long-wearing color and high shine.

Do I need makeup remover to remove Powerlips Polish?
Powerlips Polish is formulated to have serious staying power. We recommend using a makeup remover when you’re ready to remove your lip color.

Will using more gloss affect how long the color lasts?
This lip color and top gloss duo were designed to be compatible, so adding more gloss throughout the day won’t impact how long your color lasts. Feel free to keep shining!

Gloss Ingredients: