LumiSpa™ Accent Silicone Tips Twin Pack

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The Silicone Tip is an important part of the LumiSpa™ Accent Head. Its soft silicone and wave-like design have been developed to meet the needs of the delicate skin around your eyes. Each pack contains two replacement Silicone Tips, allowing you to continue enjoying your LumiSpa™ Accent experience with ease and convenience. To keep your device hygienic and functioning at its best, we recommend replacing your Silicone Tip every 3 months.

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Soft, hygienic silicone.
Wave-like shape perfectly designed to meet the delicate skin around your eyes.


To attach the Silicone Tip to your LumiSpa Accent Head, align the pattern on the back of the Silicone Tip with the tip of the Accent Head and press down. To help get the most from your device and the LumiSpa Accent Head, we recommend changing the Silicone Tip every 3 months.


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