Nu Colour® Curling Mascara Black

Nu Colour® curling mascara is the perfect, modern touch brought to the Nu Colour® make-up products. This mascara is ideal to make your eyes jump out by giving you that extra magnificent glow. With its nice, easy-to-use, lightly curved brush, it’s especially formulated to separate lashes and make sure to give them that long lasting curling power without clumping. You are definitely not missing out on the wide open eye effect this Nu Colour® Curling Mascara can give you.

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  • A curved brush which gives a long lasting, curling power and allowing you to have the wide open eye effect
  • A brush with adaptable, streamlined eye shape and line
  • Black coloured mascara in a light liquid formula


Applying your mascara is the last step of doing your facial make-up. Open the mascara and rib the end of the applicator to the side to remove excess. Hold your eyes open as wide as possible and gently go over you eye lashes beginning at the rooth, gently pulling the wand up to the end of your lashes. If you see your lashes are not entirely separated, then gently do this movement again, back and forth, to have the best effect.


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