Nu Skin® Clear Action® Acne Medication System

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This system focuses on more than just current breakouts. The Nu Skin Clear Action® products are designed to work together as a system to help clear the visible signs of past breakouts, minimise the effects of present breakouts and ensure the future healthy look of your skin. Take action each morning and evening to help your skin look and feel its best

Put troubling blemishes and the damage they cause behind you with the comprehensive Nu Skin Clear Action® System and save 33% on every purchase.

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Nu Skin Clear Action® System helps fight past, present and future breakouts to give you smoother, clearer skin. It is time to take action … Nu Skin Clear Action®.

Nu Skin® scientists and skin care experts developed the Nu Skin Clear Action System to cleanse, tone, and address key areas of concern associated with a blemish-prone skin. In the System kit, you will find a foaming cleanser, a toner, a day and a night treatment gels. Consumer studies show that participants experienced an overall:

    • reduction in new breakouts
    • decrease in shine and redness
    • improvement in skin texture
    • increase in skin tone
    • improvement of overall skin condition

The Nu Skin Clear Action® System includes:

Nu Skin Clear Action® Foaming Cleanser
Formulated to disrupt the breakout causing union of oil and debris, the Nu Skin Clear Action® Foaming Cleanser cleanses deep into your pores.

Nu Skin Clear Action® Toner
Keeps your complexion calm and shine free. Nu Skin Clear Action® Toner calms the skin and manages present oil levels, promoting a shine-free, clear complexion.

Nu Skin Clear Action® Day Treatment
Protect and revitalise your complexion. Clear away the past, present and future signs of breakouts with Nu Skin Clear Action® Day Treatment which features mandelic, salicylic acid and the powerful antioxidant white tea extract combined in a lightweight gel. Nu Skin Clear Action® Day Treatment promotes a clear, even complexion so you can face every day with confidence.

Nu Skin Clear Action® Night Treatment
Helps you wake up to healthier looking skin. Nu Skin Clear Action® Night Treatment minimises the signs of breakouts while you sleep.


  1. Bought this package for my teenage daughter, it really make her acne disappear and she has bad acne! Recommend to anyone dealing with acne!

  2. Best product for acne and prevention. It won’t dry out my skin like other acne product… it get rid of scars.

  3. Love this products it clears my acne and lighten my old scars! Highly recommend to anyone having problems with acne!

  4. i have mild acne due to stress, since i started this product, my skin got clearer and healthier. The downside is the cleanser always run out faster than the toner and moisturizer. Overall this product is effective!

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