This Hydrating facial sheet masks coming straight from Japan are quick and easy solutions to add to your skin care routine to seal in moisture. Nu Skin Radiance Sheet Mask has the following benefits:

✔️ Hydrates and sooth your skin
✔️ Provides a luminous, brilliant complexion
✔️ Makes you feel refreshed and relaxed

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nuskin radiance sheet mask

Infuses essential hydration to your skin, helping to make it feel soothed and soft. This 5 to 15 minutes application will make you focus on yourself for a great pampering me-time.


Men and Women aged 18+ looking for a solution that moisturises their facial skin in a quick, easy and relaxed way.



Use twice a week in the morning or night for 5 to 15 minutes on cleaned and toned skin.

✔️ After shower on Sunday when you pamper yourself
✔️ After a long and tiring day when you need to feel refreshed and relaxed
✔️ To look your best for special occasions: presentation for work, weding ceremony, dinner after a long exhausting day
✔️ when going on a vacation
✔️ After travelling in a long hours flight, car or train
✔️ When you are on the go, no need to rinse


4-8 sheets mask depends on Country


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