ageLOC Boost Magnetic Charger


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ageLOC Boost Magnetic Charger

This ageLOC Boost Magnetic Charger with USB cable can be conveniently connected to a charging port of your choice: plug it into any compatible device you own, like your laptop, or a USB-A plug. The charger perfectly fits the shape of the ageLOC Boost device – you will know when the magnets snap into position and the device begins to charge. Perfect if you’re looking to replace your current ageLOC Boost device charger or if you’re in the mood for a backup.

The cable does not include a USB plug.

ageLOC Boost Magnetic Charger

ageLOC Boost Magnetic Charger

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Before charging, make sure both the device and the magnetic charger are completely dry.
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Place the device on the magnetic charger. Make sure the magnets snap into position. Plug the USB cable into a power source.
ageLOC Boost Magnetic Charger-usage-step-3-png
Charge ageLOC Boost completely. Once the device is fully charged, you will see a total of 6 light bars. The lights will stop blinking and the light bars will remain dimly lit.

agelOC Boost and magnetic Charger are tested at pressures matching 4000 m in altitude. this appliance contains batteries that are non-replaceable.
ageLOC Boost Magnetic Charger WARNING: For the purposes of recharging the battery, only use the magnetic Charger provided with this appliance.

ageLOC Boost is charged using inductive charging. Always use the provided charger to charge the device. Do not attempt to charge using any other inductive charger. If damaged, contact Nu Skin support services.


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