Epoch® Polishing Bar

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Polishes your skin while you cleanse. EPOCH POLISHING BAR is a soap-free body exfoliating cleansing bar which has 50 amazing minerals and trace elements found in Glacial marine Mud that benefit your skin. Containing sisku’pas, ground bark from a special tree which produces calming effect! Dermatological tested!

Epoch polishing Bar is suitable for both men and women who desire a deep cleansing bar for the body with skin polishing benefits. Ideal for all skin types.

Für ein unvergleichlich geschmeidiges Hautgefühl! Ein seifenfreies Waschstück mit exfolierenden und hautglättenden Eigenschaften, das die Haut von Schmutz und überschüssigem Hautfett befreit und für eine verbesserte Hautbeschaffenheit sorgt. Mit einem intensiven holzigen Duft. Für jeden Hauttyp geeignet. Dermatologisch getestet.

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  • Sisku’pas (Tsuga heterophylla) effectively removes dirt, excess oil, and other impurities without the use of soap.
  • Gently polishes skin, leaving it fresh, clean, and smooth.
  • Features more than 50 skin beneficial minerals and trace elements found in Glacial Marine Mud for deep skin conditioning.
  • Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested.
  • A donation of $0.25 from each Epoch product sold goes to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to creating a better world for children by improving human life, continuing indigenous cultures, and protecting fragile environments.
Sisku’pas (tsuga heterophylla) — derived from a tree
treasured by the Cowlitz Indian tribe of the Pacific Northwest. Used for its skin buffing effects, and known as sisku’pas by the Cowlitz people (indigenous to the Pacific Northwest), this ingredient is the ground bark of a coastal conifer (Epoch® ethnobotanical ingredients come from renewable resources).

Epoch® Glacial Marine Mud — containing more than 30 skin beneficial minerals, including zinc and sea botanicals, Glacial Marine Mud is obtained from a remote glacial estuary in the Pacific Northwest. It absorbs impurities from skin (dirt, dead cells, excess oil) without robbing precious moisture. Legend has it that Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest tried to make pottery from this special mud, but were unsuccessful because of its fine particle size and the pottery crumbled. However, they noticed their hands were softer and smoother.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, Water, Sodium Isethionate, Mud (Glacial Marine), Tsuga Heterophylla (Sisku’pas), Triclocarban, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Allantoin, Sodium Chloride, Fragrance, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Anyone, men and women who desire a deep cleansing bar for the body with skin polishing benefits.
  • Apply gently in a rotating motion to dempened skin and rinse with water thoroughly.
  • Exclusively formulated for deep cleansing and smoothing.
  • Remove dirt and impurities, leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • Removes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.
  • If you have oily skin you may use this to cleanses the face.
  • Contains more than 50 skin beneficial minerals and trace elements – Including zinc and sea botanicals.
  • Glacial marine mud is obtained from a remote glacial estuary in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Glacial marine mud absorb impurities from skin (dirt, dead cells and excess oil) without robbing precious moisture.
  • Can be used to wash your make up tools.
  • Contains the bark of the sisku’pas to help exfoliate and polish the skin so it left soft, smooth and clean.
  • The orange stripes in the bar are the bark from sisku’pas tree.
  • Trees are not cut down to gather the bark.
  • Nuskin only use the discarded pieces that would otherwise be wasted (All EPOCH ethnobotanical ingredients come from renewable resources)
Apply Epoch Polishing Bar in a gentle rotating motion to dampened skin. Thoroughly rinse with warm water.
– The Cowlitz Indian tribe used sisku’pas for bathing before and during hunting expeditions. They also braided the bark to create a scrub for bathing. Trees are not cut down to gather the bark; our suppliers use only the discarded pieces which would otherwise be wasted.

– Epoch® Glacial Marine MudTM is refined through an exclusive homogenised process to provide a highly absorbent mud with impeccable consistency. Epoch® Glacial Marine MudTM will draw out impurities, remove dead skin cells, and nurture skin with more than 30 skin beneficial minerals, including zinc and sea botanicals.

13 reviews for Epoch® Polishing Bar

  1. I’m so incredibly obsessed with this wonder ‘soap’. Keeping it fresh and bright, it exfoliate the skin which is good for sensitive skin. Excellent for preparing or removing old patching tan and kids facepaint. It smells so good and I’m also using it to removes my hair dye, and clean my make up brushes with ease and it smells so good

  2. A little expensive for a soap. However it works wonder, overall is good. It clears out my occasional breakouts, my skin looks more moisture. I use it on my neck and face. It definately improves tone and texture. I would likely to use it again if it’s a little cheaper.

  3. Amazing for taking fake tan off and make up brushes. Great value for money and it last forever. It works great for my break outs on my arms. I have very sensitive skin I cannot use many soap except baby soap but this works perfectly on me. It also removes tough stains like food coloring, excess oil and so on.

  4. I like that it’s all natural. Doesn’t leaves too much of a scent and really made my skin feels so soft. Because it’s soap free so it doesn’t leave a residual. Fantastic for taking off my sunright insta glow. Yes it works really well on cleaning beauty sponges too! I do love it when my brushes are all fresh and clean!! Ooo I love it almost as much as prosecco!!!!!!!!!

  5. Amazing product, it’s soap free.. I use it to take off my fake tan, comes off perfectly!! Also my go-to for exfoliating.

  6. I love it contain no soap and it’s all natural. Took off my stubborn fake tan and clean my brushes. Great value and last forever. It’s gentle and leaves your skin soft and smooth. Will recommend it.

  7. This is my go-to product, fix fake tan mistake, exfoliate and remove old tan. A multipurpose product, also clean my make up brushes and clear my face break outs! Will never live without it! 😀

  8. I use this to exfoliate before applying my Instaglow , helps it go on evenly and last longer.

  9. I’m not typically a hand soap fan, but this has changed the game! This soap bar has a great feeling exfoliating scrub texture that isn’t too much for my sensitive skin. Basically you can use it for everything. Smells great, feels great! A little pricey but worth it.

  10. Love the woody fragrance, my 14 yo use it to clear up his breakouts.

  11. I bought it because I’ve seen heavy ads all over facebook, but this soap isn’t for my skin type. I used it for 2 weeks and my skin started to have small patch of rashes. I’ve stop using it now and not worth the money. Personally I also think this product is over hyped.

  12. Seriously amazing! Bought it for my dad, he’s a mechanic and it works better than anything at removing grease and oil. It also works on my 2 yo who love to draw marker on his body! Will buy again!

  13. Personally think its a must in every house! Great bar at clearing acne and dark spots on neck and knee, helps get the dead skin off and polish skin surface. It’s also great at removing fake tan, clean my make up brushes and get off oils on hands. My skin feels refreshed and the has litle wood in it, loves it.

  14. Too much hype all over Facebook!! It did smooths my skin and nothing else. 3 stars because this site do have discount price and the product is genuine.

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