ageLOC® LumiSpa™ Accent & IdealEyes – Midnight Edition

From the moment the Lumispa launch, it had differenciated itself from other cleansing devices. It offers 7 clinically proven benefits which help to promote a youthful look by fighting the signs of ageing, such as reducing the appearance of prones and improving skin radiance.

With this addition of the Lumispa Accent head and accompanying eye cream, Lumispa reaffirms its positioning and role in your skincare routine. It goes far beyond a simple cleanse, it’s a complete, multi-benefit skincare device that tackles multiple skin concerns. With the cleansing silicone heads and activating cleansers, the Lumispa system promotes the look of youthful facial skin, while attaching the Accent head to the device and pairing it with IdealEyes creates a combination that helps fight several concerns in the skin around eyes.


1-IdealEyes Activating Cream
1-LumiSpa® Accent attachment head (Black)

This attachment is for those who already have Lumispa. If you doesn’t have one, get the whole set (White/Blue) at discounted price here! *Lumispa Black Limited Edition has discontinue.

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Dermatologist tested with multiple clinically proven benefits:

When used with our Lumispa Accent head and Ideal Eyes cream, your Lumispa device adds eyecare to its repertoire, helping you fight the signs of stress, tiredness and late nights that can show up in the skin around your eyes. No more “looking tired”!

It’s also a system made for those cautious individuals who want to take care of the thin and more delicate skin around their eyes, and need a tool designed for the job. Much like the activating cleansers, the IdealEyes also contains ageLOC ingredients that target the sources of the visible signs of ageing and help promote a youthful look.

Lumispa Accent & Ideal Eyes:

  1. Helps eye area look awake and refreshed
  2. Deminished the appearance of dark coircles, puffy eyes, under-eye-bags, and a tired look
  3. Visibly lifts and firms the eyelids
  4. Increases the appearance of skin firmness around the eyes
  5. Reduces visible signs of tired, stressed skin in the eye area
  6. Promotes a fresher, invigorated, brighter appearance in the delicate area around the eyes in just 1 minute
  7. Softens, smooths and hydrates the skin after the first use while promoting radiance

Here’s what participants in a clinical study had to say about the product after 12 weeks of use:

  • 80% felt their eyes looked refreshed, or wide awake
  • 77% believed the system reduced visible signs of stress and fatique around eyes
  • 80% indicated the crepey skin above their eyes and on their eyelids was smoother after using the system

Silicone Hygiene Tip

Very soft, gentle and adequate showing the skin around eyes the tender attention it needs. The movement of the Accent Head has been meticulously designed to meet the needs of the thin and delicate skin around your eyes.

The silicone tip is also inspired by ageLOC gene expression technology, a unique technology owned by the company – as shown by the unique pattern in its design

Easy to use

Spending 30 seconds on each eye, twice per day, can help to leave you looking fresh and wide awake.


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