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Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System:

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Even the healthiest nails need a little love. Whether your nails are smooth and strong or rough and brittle, you can achieve the nails you’ve always wanted in just 10 minutes a week.

Like performance skin care for your nails, the dermatologist-developed Dr Dana Nail Renewal System is clinically proven to support the appearance of healthier, stronger, smoother, shinier, glossier, and less brittle nails.

Even if your manicures or nail color have left your nails worse for wear, Dr Dana Nail Renewal System can rejuvenate processed nails and help them look great. The secret is the proprietary bioactive Phyto Crystal Complex—a natural nail-hydrating formula good for your nails and cuticles and free of harmful chemicals that can damage nails over time.

Follow the complete Dr Dana Nail Renewal System to first prep your nails with glycolic acid, prime your nails using our innovative, three-surface priming wand, and then liberally apply the deep hydrating gel-oil Phyto Crystal Complex for incredible nail restoration. The results are instant and remarkable, so there’s no need to live with dry, damaged, or unattractive nails any longer. Use the Dr Dana Nail Renewal System today and start enjoying beautiful, healthy looking nails.

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  • Developed by a board-certified, nail-specialized dermatologist.
  • Clinically proven to support the appearance of healthier, stronger, smoother, shinier, glossier, and less brittle nails.
  • Helps visibly rejuvenate and bolster processed nails.
  • Instantly exfoliates and hydrates nails with a simple, three-step treatment.
  • Botanical ingredients help condition and hydrate nails and cuticles.
  • Helps prep nails for—and extend the life of—manicures.
  • Helps nails appear healthier, shinier, and stronger after a single treatment.


  • Glycolic Acid—helps remove surface damage, revealing a beautiful, lustrous shine while supporting absorption of the Phyto Crystal Complex.
  • Phyto Crystal Complex (Pistacia lentiscus)—helps nails appear healthier and stronger.
  • Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Taraxacum Officinale (Dandelion) Rhizome/Root Extract, Mauritia Flexuosa Fruit Oil—contain essential fatty acids and carotenoids to help condition and hydrate nails and surrounding skin.


Apply this three-step process to desired nails once a week:


  • Ensure that your nails are dry, clean, and unpolished. Uncap the Glycolic Prep pen applicator and twist the bottom of the tube until a drop of liquid appears on the tip. Apply a thin coat evenly across your nails. One pen “twist” generally treats up to five nails.


  • Carefully inspect your priming wand and find the surface marked 1. Using this surface, brush your nails two to five times. After a whitish layer appears, switch to surface 2 and brush your nails again two to five times. Finally, use surface 3 to firmly buff your nails back and forth until your nails display the desired luster and shine. USE ONLY ONCE WEEKLY.


  • Like with the Glycolic Prep pen, uncap the Deep Hydrating Formula Pen and twist the tube end until the applicator tip becomes moist. Apply the proprietary bioactive liberally to your nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin.
  • Repeat Step 03 as needed throughout the week for instant nail and cuticle hydration.


Individuals who want to instantly improve the appearance of their nails. Individuals concerned with dry, damaged, or discolored nails caused by nail polish or gel nail treatments.

How long does it take to use the Dr Dana Nail Renewal System?

The application process generally takes 10 minutes for 10 nails. Wait 10 minutes after Step 03 before washing your hands to ensure that the Deep Hydrating Formula is fully absorbed.

After using the system, do I need to clean my hands?

No. The ingredients in the Dr Dana Nail Renewal System are good for your nails and skin and do not need to be cleaned off.

Can I start using nail polish immediately after using the Dr Dana Nail Renewal system?

We don’t recommend applying nail polish to newly treated nails. Immediately after using the system, your nails will look and feel lush and shiny without the need for polish. Wait at least a day after treatment to use nail polish.

How long does each Nail Renewal System last?

Each Dr Dana Nail Renewal System package has enough product to last for approximately three months, if you treat your nails once weekly. This number may vary based on how often you use the system.

12 reviews for Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System

  1. verified owner

    My nail look a lot better than other nail system after 2 weeks, I was skeptical of it’s claims at first, but it has met and exceeded them. So im happy with it. Thanks fro the discount!

    • Thanks for your feedback Tham!

  2. verified owner

    Come really fast. Improves the look of my nail, very shiny, smooth and strong. it looks like i’ve had a manicure done! A little pricy but thanks for the discount! it works for me so i consider it a good value.

    • Thanks for your feedback Lisa!

  3. verified owner

    I love how easy it is to use. I;ve ruin my nails with gel polish, they were week, thin and splitting. I’ve used dr dana for a month, my nails have never been better! This Dr. knows her stuff! Thank you! Thumbs up!

    • Thanks for your feedback Betty!

  4. verified owner

    This product is the best. I am a professional manicurist. Only 3 easy steps! I love it, my customers loves it!

    • Thanks for your feedback Barbara!

  5. verified owner

    My nails are at their healthiest! I had a problem with ridges and splitting. This really helped!

  6. verified owner

    I have for the first time in 52 years my nail is growing strong and healthy. I love nail polish so this system helps me get back my healthy nail. It has been very painful for me and after about two months of faithful adherence to the routine and my nails finally looks healthy. Develops by a dermatologists so i would highly recommend! Worth the value!

    • Thanks for your feedback Hanna! I’m so glad to hear that!

  7. verified owner

    Discount price, ship fast. Simple steps and my nails are very shiny and healthy.

    • Thanks for your feedback G!

  8. verified owner

    Painless and effective. Use for about 2 months and loves it. My nails is very thin and had lines. Now its smoother, stronger and grows longer! Love it with discount. thanks

    • Thanks for your feedback Jackie! Glad it works on your nails! We help buyers to buy at distributor price! 🙂

  9. verified owner

    I had used many nail system but dr dana is the first one that amazed me! I polished my nail often so you know how bad my nails are! I used it for my toes too. I recommended it to my sister and she loves it too! Good product!

    • Thanks for your feedback Anais95!

  10. verified owner

    Received this today and I used my very first one tonight & must say I’m impressed. They’re easier to use than I thought they’d be and do such a superb job, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product. You won’t be sorry you did. There’s only 3 easy steps. Shipped fast, no issues. Product as described.

    • Thanks for your feedback Candy Candy! You’ll love it!

  11. verified owner

    this product has helped my mom’s nails so much when she was going through chemo 🙂

  12. verified owner

    My nails are at their healthiest! I had a problem with ridges and splitting. This really helped!

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