ageLOC Lumispa

Lumispa Beauty Device gently cleanses away dirt, oil, makeup, and toxins through its patent-pending counter-rotating, pore-tightening action.

Lumispa Luxe Kit UK / Europa

£269.99 £199.99

LumiCentials UK & EMEA

Є433.15 Є314.15

Premium Care / LumiSpa Normal Cleanser Package

A$467.00 A$373.50

Premium Care / LumiSpa Sensitive Cleanser Package

A$467.00 A$373.50

Tru Face / LumiSpa Cleanser Sensitive Package

A$419.00 A$335.00

Tru Face / LumiSpa Cleanser Normal Package

A$419.00 A$335.00

Tri-Phasic White / LumiSpa Sensitive Cleanser Package

A$299.00 A$239.00

Tri-Phasic White / LumiSpa Normal Cleanser Package

A$299.00 A$239.00

Nu Skin 180° / LumiSpa Normal Cleanser Package

A$356.00 A$284.50

Nu Skin 180° / LumiSpa Sensitive Cleanser Package

A$356.00 A$284.50

Clear Action LumiSpa Acne Cleanser Package

A$201.00 A$160.50

Clear Action LumiSpa Sensitive Cleanser Package

A$201.00 A$160.50

Clear Action LumiSpa Normal Cleanser Package

A$201.00 A$160.50

Lumispa Cleanser and IdealEyes Kit

USD $84.56 USD $67.65

Self Care Collection (UK)

£275.05 £206.29

ageLOC® LumiSpa® Premium Package (AU & NZ)

A$637.00 A$509.00

ageLOC® LumiSpa® Demo Kit

USD $395.91 USD $316.73

Daily Essentials EU

£373.34 £280.00

ageLOC® LumiSpa™ Facial Experience Kit

£388.74 £291.56

Spa Day Essentials EU

£769.17 £576.88

LumiSpa™ Accent Silicone Tips Twin Pack

USD $15.38 USD $12.30

AGELOC® LUMISPA™ IdealEyes® Activating Eye Cream

USD $41.00 USD $32.80

ageLOC® LumiSpa® Silicone Treatment Head

USD $43.56 USD $34.85

ageLOC® Lumispa® Treatment Cleanser

USD $43.56 USD $34.85

ageLOC® LumiSpa™ Skincare Collection

USD $307.66 USD $246.13

ageLOC® LumiSpa™ Accent & IdealEyes – Midnight Edition

£124.82 £93.61

ageLOC® Lumispa™ Accent Kit

USD $108.91 USD $87.13

ageLOC® Lumispa®

USD $198.75 USD $159.00