EPOCH® Baobab Body Butter

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EPOCH® BAOBAB BODY BUTTER is a deliciously rich cream that quenches your skin’s thirst with shea butter and the fruit of the African baobab tree for smooth, supple skin that stays touchable soft all day!

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  • Reduce dry skin.
  • Moisturizes skin for all ages.
  • Contains high levels of antioxidants
  • Enhances the resiliency of skin over time.
  • Promotes softer, smoother and more toned looking skin.
  • Conditions naturally with skin beneficial ethnobotanicals.
  • Delivers all day moisturization for supple and healthy looking skin.

Key Ingredients

  • Baobab Fruit Pulp Extract — A natural moisturizing fruit extract that reduces dry skin, improves the skin’s appearance, and conditions skin for long-lasting moisturization.
  • Shea Butter – Enhances the skin’s natural barrier functions and increases moisture levels
  • Macadamia Nut Oil – This moisturizing oil closely resembles sebum (oil naturally produced by the skin for moisture and protection), is easily absorbed by the skin, and helps maintain the skin’s water barrier functions.


Apply liberally all over body, paying special attention to knees, elbows, and any area in need of intense hydration. For external use only.

EPOCH Baobab Body Butter was honored with the 10th Anniversary Joy Pride de Beauté Award from Prestigious Hungarian Magazine. It’s also featured on NBC’s The Today Show on May 8, 09, and The Pure beauty Magazine in the “Loves” section.

For every Epoch Baobab Body Butter sold, one tree will be planted. Now, Nu Skin has donated more than 100,000 trees to Malawi!

54 reviews for EPOCH® Baobab Body Butter

  1. Ich bin sehr zufrieden, eine Kosmetikerin hat den Baobab Body Butter empfohlen. Ich kaufe es hier mit Rabatt. Schwangerschaftsstreifen sind wieder da, hautstraffer! Nun, ich empfehle es dir.

  2. This is one of the best body butters I’ve ever used..!! It goes on without leaving you feeling greasy and if makes my skin feel so soft..!! great for dry and chapped skin on legs, arms, and feet. It only takes a small amount to get the job done. Originally purchased at a salon but found it here for a much better price. Will buy again!

    • Thanks for your feebdback Linda!! 🙂

  3. I didn’t think I’d like this, but my skin is always so thirsty, I’m constantly searching for a nice smelling, non greasy lotion. This body butter has it all! It has a light, sweet smell (not overpowering!), is thick and creamy (but isn’t heavy or greasy on your skin!) and is super hydrating! It absorbed quickly and when I applied it my skin immediately looked better. I’m sold & will purchase more Nu Skin products in the future 🙂

    • Dear LauraR, thanks for your feedback!

  4. A friend recommended I use to diminish stretch marks. She used during pregnancy with twins and swears by it. I am a fan too! I’m using this daily and exfoliate first, key is you have to use it regularly. I’m really dedicated to keeping my skin looking good! The texture is light and whipped. Loving the light fresh aroma too!

  5. This body butter is the best I have found in all my years! Not too water based and not too oily. And it smells like the best cake batter ever.

  6. I know that we all have different skin, so this product may not be for you, but I have never had another body butter, lotion, cream, etc. make my skin feel as wonderful as this does. I have dryish body skin and after 2-3 days of application, this body butter makes my skin feel so soft, smooth and yummy. I think it’s on the expensive side for how much you get, so I don’t use it everyday. But I do for sure when I’m leading up to a special occasion. I would highly recommend it for the results you get!

  7. I tried this for the first time at a local nail shop they were selling it for $35. They gave me a little bit to try and I fell in love! I found this site and was excited to see they had it and for a cheaper price! Very hydrating! Does not leave an oily residue. It works and smells amazing!

  8. Nagyon jó testápoló!Fantasztikus az illata és az állaga is..Borzasztóan száraz a bőröm,de ez a krém hihetetlenül helyrehozta.Este kézkrémnek is ezt használom!Az árról annyit,hogy én nagyon jó áron tudok hozzá jutni,így nekem megéri.

  9. Love how my skin feels when I use to the item but it’s a little overpriced for the quality . I wouldn’t suggest ordering it , I would try ordering from the direct organic stores who will allow you to receive samples and return when it doesn’t work for your skin type

  10. LADIES WHO JUST HAD BABIES! This stuff is the bomb dot com when it comes to dark marks! The scent is soft and feminine, the lotion is thick and rich but is not greasy. I used this stuff on my skin (super dry and eczema patches) and it cleared my skin up almost after the first week!! Not only that but when used on stretch marks, after 6 months of religious use, they are GONE. Completely GONE. I will definitely be ordering more of this.

  11. j’ai adopté ce produit ma peau est plus hydratée et j’aime beaucoup l’odeur, convient très bien en apres soleil

  12. I love this body butter. Softens and hydrates skin, long lasting, great scent. I first saw and purchased this body butter when I was getting a pedicure at a local korean shop/nail salon. I fell in love with the way it made my skin feel and look, so I just had to have it…even though it was overpriced at a whopping $35 for this 4.4 oz jar. I’m so glad I found it here for such a great price! Will definitely be purchasing my body butters here from this day forth.

  13. เป็นครีมบัตเตอร์ที่ให้ความชุ่มชื้นดีมากกกค่ะ เนื้อครีมเข้มข้นมาก

  14. I find if I apply to recently washed, slightly damp skin the moisture from the butter is locked into the skin. I saw results immediately! My skin looks amazing!! Love this product!

  15. I usually get bitten up by mosquitor and after trying this body butter and we were playing outisde with my kids no one get a single bite this is LEGIT!

  16. Smells great, ordered this because I was told by my friend it can help with gnats and mozzies and it works! Very smooth and rich

  17. My second jar! Absolutely amazing product! Great for keeping gnats and mosquitors away! Will buy again. Genuine product! Low price.

  18. I’ve been seeing posts on facebook it can keep mosquitor away and it does! Great product, smells awesome! High quality

  19. It works well, low price, good product, genuine, i cannot complain.

  20. Very moisturizes and makes your skin look fantastic! Helped my grand-daughter’s eczema, a lot!

  21. It seems to even my skin tone. Wonderful for dry feet too.

  22. I live in Atlanta and mosquitoes are horrible here and this product keep the mosquitoes AWAY!! It also keeps my skin smooth and soft all day. It’s a must have all year round. Not too strong smells, not greasy, very nice product. Thank you!

  23. Keeps mosquitoes at bay!! 🙂 🙂 Smooths my skin I use it everyday!

  24. Excellent product! This is the best Body Butter i’ve found all my years! Not too water-based and not too oily. Smells heaven! Also works great on inserts! It only takes a small amount to get the job done.

  25. Produit très hydratant, je l’applique le soir, au réveil ma peau est très douce et visiblement réhydratée. Les zones les plus sèches sont réparées.

  26. SUPER love this product!!! i live in a hot climate and have very dry skin. it absorbs nicely and make my skin soft all day! SLightly vanilla smell and this is my 3rd jar!I’m not kidding… you got to try it!

  27. I saw my friend posting this in facebook said it can avoid mosquitor bites. Living in a country where mosquitor is horrible and guess what, it works!! Glad to buy it at discount price as my friend sell it at full price!

  28. I bought this for my 7 year old granddaughter, we’ve used it on her since she was a baby for dry skin. She doesn’t have eczema but has dry skin patches since birth. This stuff works great for it. Gently on her skin and helps immensely. Thanks for the discount!

  29. I am amazed dark spots are lightened on my skin, I love the scent, rich and creamy just a little too expensive.

  30. This is the only product I have found to keep my 5 mo. old’s eczema away, but I’m not crazy about the fragrance.

  31. It doesn’t get any more moisturizing than this. The only product that relieves my eczema. Light scent, silky and effective. Would recommend this to my friends! Great price on this site than Nuskin main site.

  32. This butter save my painfully dry hands and knuckles in winter! I keep it in my bag when i’m on the go and love the smells, not too strong.

  33. I have tried everything for my 2 boys eczema including the very expensive brands from the States! This Body Butter literally worked in 2 days. Nothing else work for my kids.

  34. No joke! I had constant eczema on both my hands for many years. I spen many of hundreds trying everything out there, this is the only thing that constantly made a difference! I use this on myself and my kids for any dry skin that flares up.

  35. Although it didn’t keep me from getting stretch marks, it kept my belly and hips moisturized. The smell is pleasant and easy on the nose. I also like that it isn’t messy or greasy like some creams and oils I tried. I am looking forward to seeing how it will help with the stretch marks after I have my baby.

  36. Absorb amazingly into skin, leaves my skin silky smooth. Need it in a big container!

  37. Smells amazing and love the texture! The place I went for my manicure charge me twice the price what I paid for here! Will recommend to my mom and order more!

  38. Not too water based and not too oily. And it smells like the best cake batter ever. Makes me want to eat it! I have used this product for over a year. I have serious skin issues.. this product helped to clear them up. Also a great face cream.

  39. Best body butter EVER! Very creamy, not greasy at all and rubs in easily, leaving my skin as soft as can be. Pleasent but not overpowering scent. Love it! Would recommend.

  40. Love it, quickly heals dry skin leaving you feel nourished but not sticky. I bought this in a local korean nail salon in LA here at a whopping $35 and so happy to found it here with a great price.

  41. Been using this for some time… this is my third pot! Most other lotion bring in my aczema but if I use this for a couple of days it goes away again. “Soaks in” quickly so doesn’t leave greasy finish on my hand. Perfect to pack in a carry-on when traveling.

  42. It feels very nice on my skin and soften my skin. Relieves dry skin feeling. Not sure if it repels mosquitoes yet, which was the primary reason I bought it. Nice smells too.

  43. I used this stuff on my super dry and eczema patches skin and it cleared my skin up almost after the first week!! Not only that but when I used it on stretch marks, after 6 months of religious use, they are GONE. I will definitely be ordering more of this. Sent to me from nu skin so its original product. lower price then on nu skin website.

  44. My son has aczema and this cream works excellent on his skin. It’s easy to run on skin to keep it moisturized. Really help with my son dry skin and keeping eczema breakouts away! It’s my go-to now!

  45. Great product! Goes on thick. My skin gets super dry in winter and this butter makes it feel better. Not greasy at all… so loves it and would recommend.

  46. Proporciona hidratación durante todo el día para una piel flexible y saludable, reduce la piel seca. muy bien

  47. An meine hochsensible und sehr trockene Haut kommt nur mehr diese Creme. Schon nach 3 Tagen sind alle Schuppen weg. Haut wird weich und geschmeidig. Geruch phantastisch. Verwende die Creme als Ganzkörperpflege, aber auch im Gesicht. Sehr viel Feuchtigkeit. Zieht sehr rasch in die Haut ein. Alle anderen Kosmetikcremes weggeworfen. Jetzt kaufe ich hier mit Rabattpreis (Ich bin 70 Jahre alt)

  48. It’s not greasy and it works so well on the mosquitoes and gnats although not made as an insect repellent. My kids loves the smell and we use it daily! Also helps with dry skin, stretch marks, sunburn! Great multi use product! Absolutely love it!!

  49. For me i think it’s a little thick and the formula is so heavy. I have combination/sensitive skin. This body butter probably wouldn’t be to your liking if you have the same skin as me. It’s made for people who have really dry skin or eczema. Thanks for the discount tho

  50. I live in Indonesia where mosquitors are a norm and mosquito-borne disease is a major problem. I bought one when I went back to Australia and I find it useful to stay away from mosquitoes. I have finish my first pot and I have to ask my mom to send it to me as it is not selling in Indonesia. Better then insects repellent as it also moisturise my skin, so I would highly recommend it! A lifesaver!

  51. Die beste Körperbutter, die ich gekauft habe. Haftet nicht und trocknet schnell. Danke für den Rabatt

  52. Not super greasy, but very moisturizing! I bought it in a beauty shop in my town but here is more cheaper with discount price. am happy with it.

  53. convient très bien en apres soleil

  54. Esta crema corporal con extracto de baobab es fantástica. Lo uso a diario y va muy bien para las estrías. También es curativo. Puede comprarlo en este sitio a un precio reducido. :p

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