Tru Face® Priming Solution

Making the best possible start to your skincare regimen is important if you want to see the best results, and that’s why Tru Face Priming Solution is a must-have. Your first step after every cleanse, this solution features a series of amino acids which provide the essential building blocks of young looking skin. Together with our proprietary blend of ingredients, it is specifically formulated to prepare your skin for what follows and helps to ensure you gain the optimal benefits of your routine to guarantee a youthful skin appearance. Starting like this, you’ll be primed and ready for whatever your day may throw at you.

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  • Skin-involved women ages 35+ who want to optimize the benefits of their anti-aging products.
  • Men ages 35+ who are concerned with the signs of aging and want to optimize the benefits of their skin care products.
  • Men and women ages 25+ who want to use products that help maintain their skin’s youthful appearance.


  1. Lays the groundwork necessary to make the most of the benefits brought to your skin by the Tru Face range.
  2. Delivers the essential protein building blocks that your skin needs to promote a youthful complexion.
  3. Safety-dermatologist tested.


  • Amino Acids Blend—a scientific selection of key different amino acids that supplies the essential building blocks for youthful looking skin.
  • Butylene Glycol & Pentylene Glycol —help to prepare your skin for the use of other Tru Face products and optimise their benefits.
  • Green Tea Extract—provides well-known antioxidant benefits.


Use morning and evening, after cleansing, as your toner. Apply to face and neck with a cotton pad. Follow with Tru Face products and your Nu Skin® moisturiser of choice.


Tru Face Priming Solution should be used by which skin types?
Tru Face Priming Solution is formulated to be used as a toner for all skin types.

Which Tru Face® products can I use with Tru Face Priming Solution?
Tru Face Priming Solution is recommended for use with all Tru Face products. Its unique formula is designed to optimize the benefits of Tru Face treatments. Each Tru Face targeted treatment product has a unique function and addresses different factors influencing the aging process. Use one or all of these products to address your specific concerns.

After I prepare my skin with Priming Solution, in what order should I apply the other Tru Face treatment products?
You can use the Tru Face products in your regimen in the following order: first, apply Tru Face Line Corrector, then either Tru Face Revealing Gel or Tru Face Skin Perfecting Gel, then Tru Face Essence or Tru Face Essence Ultra.

Can I use Tru Face Priming Solution while using the Nu Skin 180°® Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System?
Tru Face Priming Solution can be incorporated into use with the 180 System as a treatment prep before you use Tru Face products. Use Tru Face Priming Solution before using Nu Skin 180 Skin Mist so you can enjoy the full benefits of both products.

After applying Tru Face Priming Solution, I feel a sensation on my face. Is this normal?
Yes. With the unique skin preparation of Tru Face Priming Solution, many will feel a sensation on their skin.


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