ageLOC Me® Reference Set

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The ageLOC Me Reference Set comes with five ageLOC Me cartridges, one day moisturizer, one night moisturizer, and three serums. Use these products for two weeks to experience how they feel and how they benefit your skin. Then, use them as a reference when you take your ageLOC Me skin assessment to further customize your regimen.

Please note that the S1 Serum will be temporarily replaced with the T1 Serum. The T1 Serum has a fragrance added, acting as the only difference between S1 and T1 Serums.

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ageLOC Me Reference Set

ageLOC Me Reference Set USA Distributor Price


For optimal results, use ageLOC Me as your twice daily regimen. Morning and night, cleanse and tone, apply ageLOC Me Serum, and then either Day Moisturizer or Night Moistuizer.



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