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JVI and ReishiMax GLp:

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Juice JVI is a drink based on fruit juice concentrate. JVi is a beverage that brings you a savoury blend of 12 fruits and vegetables, carefully selected to indulge your taste buds and satisfy the whole family.* Combines JVI and ReishiMax GLp to supports healthy immune function.

JVI and ReishiMax GLp Size:
JVI: 2 x 750 ml
ReishiMax GLp: 60 CAPSULES


JVI and ReishiMax GLp


JVi is a beverage containing a savoury blend of 12 fruits and vegetables, carefully selected to indulge your taste buds. Combining Europe’s finest fruits and vegetables with the imperial fruits wolfberry, sea buckthorn, and acerola, it’s you who eventually reaps the rewards when you partner up with JVi.

This beverage is a good source of vitamin C, helping to optimise your oxidative protection, the normal function of your immune system, and helping maintain normal collagen formation for the normal function of your skin. Packing so much good into one convenient beverage, JVi is your ideal ally that fits within a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Shake well before use. Drink 60 ml with morning and evening meals.

Key Ingredients

  • Acerola is a sweet and sour fruit native to the West Indies and believed to originate from the Yucatan. The ripe orange to deep red fruits are cherry shaped and were used for centuries in these cultures.
  • Wolfberry is an orange-red ellipsoid berry and is a traditionally used fruit in Asia and South East Europe. The berries are a very popular ingredient in Chinese cuisine.
  • Sea buckthorn is a nutritious orange berry used in traditional Tibetan and Mongolian cultures since ancienttimes. The female plants produce soft, juicy and rich in oil berry-like fruit.

Water; Juice from concentrate: White grape (5%), Carrot (5%), Sea buckthorn berry, Tomato (4%), Pear (4%), Apple, Acerola, Watermelon, Red grape, Wolfberry (1%), Mango; Olive oil; Natural flavouring; Acidity regulator (Citric acid); Thickeners (Pectin, Xanthan gum); Preservative (Sodium benzoate).


Keep away from heat, humidity and light. Refrigerate up to 14 days after opening. Do not use if the screw cap is broken, damaged or missing.
It is important to have a varied and balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

Manufacturing/Importer Details
Manufactured in the U.S.A.
Imp.: NSE Products Europe BVBA, Da Vincilaan 9, 1935 Zaventem, Belgium. Nu Skin United Kingdom LT D – 11th Floor, 3 Piccadilly Place, Manchester, M1 3BN, United Kingdom.

Part of our complex immune system includes an arsenal of cells that recognise and trigger the necessary immune response to a number of organisms that our body identifies as foreign. Ganoderma lucidum, also called Reishi mushroom, contributes to the natural processes of these immunological defences.*

  • The Reishi mushroom contributes to natural immunological defences.*
  • Reishi mushroom extract is standardised to triterpenes and polysaccharides.

Take one (1) capsule twice daily with food and drink.

Manufacturing/Importer details
Manufactured in the U.S.A. exclusively for: NSE Products, Inc., Provo, Utah, 84601, U.S.A.

Imp.: Nu Skin Netherlands B.V., Amundsenweg 2, 5928 LT Venlo, The Netherlands
Nu Skin United Kingdom LT D – 11th Floor, 3 Piccadilly Place, Manchester, M1 3BN, United Kingdom.

Reishi mushroom extract (Ganoderma lucidum) (82% – 1 g/2 caps.), Capsule (Gelatine), Anti-caking agent: Fatty acids.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. A food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not use (JVI and ReishiMax GLp) if safety seal is broken, damaged or missing. Keep away from heat and humidity. Keep out of reach of young children. Consult a doctor before using this product if you are pregnant, lactating or under medical treatment.

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