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Pharmanex Tegreen 97:

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Each of our Tegreen 97 capsule has super highly antioxidants, boosting energy, reducing bloating and improving metabolism hence aid weight loss, each one of it is equivalent to 7 cups of decaffeinated green tea, keeping you fresh and alert throughout the day. Tegreen 97 is great for those who are frequently exposed to free radicals occurring from pollution, stress, smoke and toxins.

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✔️ Provides potent antioxidants to defend against free radicals at the cellular level
✔️ Supports healthy cell function
✔️ Protect cell structures, including DNA
✔️ Aids digestion by speeding up Metabolism
✔️ Strengthens Immune system
✔️ Gives you more energy
✔️ Hydrates faster than water
✔️ Radiant, healthier & Glowing skin
✔️ Relieves stress
✔️ 100x more Vitamin C
✔️ 25x more Vitamin E

210 cups of green tea in one bottle of Te-green97 with 30 capsules!

As a dietary supplement, take one (1) to four (4) capsules daily; preferably one (1) to two (2) each morning and evening with food. Maximum recommended serving of four (4) capsules daily (1,000 mg). Do not exceed 1,200 mg green tea in combination with other green tea containing supplements. Store in a cool dry place.

  1. A proprietary green tea extract containing 97% polyphenols of which 65% are catechins
  2. Has the antioxidant power of seven cups of tea per capsule and is 99.5% caffeine free
  3. The 6S Quality Process ensures the quality and potency of each Tegreen 97 capsule
  4. Standardized for consistent and powerful benefits
  5. According to Nuskin, in a comparative study, Tegreen97 was shown to have better bio-availability and antioxidant capacity than drinking green or black tea
Adding the green tea extract found in Tegreen to your diet can help to support your cells and tissues natural defences and to protect it from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. These highly reactive molecules appear in our bodies from exposure to things like pollution, stress, smoke and toxins.


Any adult concerned about long term cell health and their antioxidant status should take Te green 97. Individuals with a hectic, busy or stressful lifestyle, or those frequently exposed to pollution might also find benefits from Te green 97 supplementation.
Tegreen 97 provides triple-action cell protection by supporting the body in neutralizing 3 cell-jeopardizing substances: free radicals, nitrosamines, and potentially harmful toxins.
  1. After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world.
  2. Tegreen97 comes from green tea grown in Zhejiang, the number one tea-producing region in the world.
  3. Proprietary extraction of Te green 97 ensures a higher level of actives than most green tea products.
  4. The processing of black tea destroys some of the active components.
  5. Research shows that green tea is able to increase thermogenesis without caffeine.
  6. According to Nuskin, a study by UCLA compared the effects of plasma antioxidant activity after consuming Te green 97, green tea or black tea. Te green 97 was shown to be more bio-available than drinking green or black tea, and increased plasma antioxidant capacity more effectively.
Green tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze) (69% – 250 mg/capsule), Capsule (Gelatine), Bulking agent: Microcrystalline cellulose, Anti-caking agents (Fatty acids, Silicon dioxide), Calcium L-ascorbate (3.3 mg/capsule – 3.75% RI*)

*RI: Reference intakes

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. A food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not use if safety seal is broken, damaged or missing. Keep away from heat and humidity. Keep out of reach of young children. Consult a doctor before using this product if you are pregnant, lactating or under medical treatment.
Manufactured in Switzerland exclusively for: NSE Products, Inc., Provo, Utah, 84601, U.S.A.
Imp.: Nu Skin Netherlands B.V., Amundsenweg 2, 5928 LT Venlo, The Netherlands

Pharmanex, established in 1994 by Dr. Michael Chang and Dr. Joe Chang, harnesses the potency of scientifically validated botanicals to enhance health. Acquired by Nu Skin in 1998, Pharmanex has remained steadfast in its commitment to crafting premium nutritional supplements rooted in rigorous scientific research, marking a pivotal union between quality supplements and cutting-edge science. Presently, boasting a dedicated team of over 20 scientists, Pharmanex meticulously evaluates clinical studies to uncover potent botanicals while understanding the body’s natural processes, culminating in evidence-backed products containing active ingredients at clinically proven levels.
NU SKIN 6S QUALITY Achieving quality and consistency isn’t incidental; it demands continual effort. Originating in 1996, Pharmanex introduced the ‘6S Quality Process,’ rigorously implemented across product development to guarantee that each item surpasses established industry benchmarks. Presently, we persist in vigilantly overseeing Selection, Sourcing, Structure, Standardisation, Safety, and Substantiation across our entire range, upholding these stringent standards set forth since inception.

9 reviews for PHARMANEX® TEGREEN 97

  1. Myriam (verified owner)

    Hi Bibiana, work really well for me. Helps me with bloating and also I have lost 6lbs in weight as it helps to increase the metabolism. I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks and I cannot live without this now.

  2. Grace (verified owner)

    My first purchase was at Amazon where I received the product with different labeling and color bottle, with reddish pills not the same as seen in the photos. I’m glad to found this site and purchase directly from Nu Skin to be safe. I drink 2 pills a day and it helps my bloating.

  3. Anne (verified owner)

    Thanks for this site i can purchase at wholesale price! I took tegreen for a long time and it’s definitely a must have to your vitamin routine. My blood pressure is way better now. This is one of the best along with vitality and lifepak. I love it and totally recommend it to everyone! Thank you Bibiana for the wholesale price discount!

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